What Readers of Code 33 Are Saying...

Best cop book I have ever read, and it was hard to put down. Author Tom Wamsley gives us an exciting, behind-the-scenes view of what it was like to be a police officer and detective in the San Francisco area during the 1970s. He neither glamorizes nor routinizes his gritty work with murderers, prostitutes, drug dealers, and fellow police officers, but presents it in a matter-of-fact and heartfelt manner. This book gave me a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of society and a new perspective of the job of bringing criminals to justice.

Charles Horowitz, PhD

Code 33 readily draws you into the world of law enforcement, from career start to patrolling the streets. The author’s daily “ride along” experiences take you into the murky depths of investigations and the intricacies of prosecuting horrendous crimes. Wamsley was confronted with the complex worlds of good and evil on a daily basis, and he gives the reader a glimpse of what it was like. Being a police officer is not easy; being a motivated professional is even harder. This well-written book is a glowing testament to our nation’s law enforcement community and the ongoing need for restraining evil in society.

Grady T. Birdsong

Tom Wamsley has written an utterly original, thoroughly engaging memoir about his experiences as a police officer during the colorful, turbulent era of 1970s California. His intense curiosity and youthful fearlessness—but above all, his humanity, humor, and sincere desire to be of service to others—shine on every page. This book has radically expanded my appreciation for what it truly means to be a cop! Code 33  was so enjoyable that I could not put it down.

Frank W. Berliner

About the Author

THOMAS WAMSLEY was privileged to serve as a law enforcement officer with the San Francisco Police Department and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department throughout the 1970s.

After leaving law enforcement, he had a successful career in sales and management. Although he is retired from the world of business, he enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and spending time with his large family. He currently lives with his wife in the Wild West, which is not nearly as wild as San Francisco and Santa Cruz were in the 1970s.

Chapter Previews

As the patrol car made the turn, we immediately saw a bare-chested, skinny young man with long, scraggly blonde hair. His hands were held high in the air. He appeared to be staggering and dazed as he walked down the middle of the street, and he had what looked like a bullet hole in the upper left side of his chest. Blood was oozing out of the hole, running down his chest and onto his jeans, which hung loosely around his thin waist. As we approached the… (Chapter 2, Page 8 — Code 33: True California Cop Stories from the 1970s)