“…Readers with a law enforcement background will have their own experiences revived. Those without a background in law enforcement will have the opportunity to visit a world that is not generally available to them.” AL CASCIATO Captain, San Francisco Police Department (retired)


What Was It Like to Be a California cop in the 1970s?

Code 33 is the police radio code to clear the air for officers involved in an emergency situation. During the 1970s, being a cop in SanFrancisco and Santa Cruz Counties meant dealing with hippies and drugs, prostitutes and pimps, psychopaths and terrorists. Code 33 charts a path right through that scene through the eyes and experiences of one California cop, Tom Wamsley. And it does so with frankness and good humor. Not all of a cop’s activities involve a Code 33, but they all say something about the world in which we live.

Cops are the front line defense in protecting society from crime, but what is the world like through a cop’s eyes? Code 33 provides a glimpse that veteran cops will recognize and even those unfamiliar with police work will find intriguing.

Chapter Previews

Ch 1: California Dreaming

Ch 1: California Dreaming

KNEW I LOOKED SQUARED AWAY, but I was anxious, and I hoped that the oral board panel in the next room would not see me sweat.

Ch. 2: Park Station And<br />
The Haight-Ashbury

Ch. 2: Park Station and
The Haight-Ashbury

DURING THE SECOND SIXWEEK PERIOD in the police academy, I was assigned to Park Station. There I met Terry Connors, my field training officer.